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The Illuminati infiltrate and take over organizations of all kinds, from churches to the post office to the corner grocery store, and turn them to their own ends.

The secret to making money are strong Illuminati money spells. Illuminati spells can manipulate your financial reality and draw wealth & money towards you. Destroy negative forces you & clear the path to success of all obstacles so that you can prosper and attract money to your life.

Most of your income comes in the form of interest on bonds, rents from real estate properties or dividends on stocks. You might work, but you don’t need to. You were groomed for your position from an early age. You own or control a string of media outlets and your influence extends from Wall Street to the Beltway.

The Illuminati rings of power have been used by pastors business people, politicians and students who joined Illuminati to be successful in what they do & increase your influence.


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